HOGGING THE WANTING This is a concept that often moves people to start questioning: And for those willing to look at themselves and their patterns in relationships, they have an “ah-ha!” moment when they begin to understand how it relates to mistakes they’ve been making. What is it to hog the wanting? You may have … Continue reading


When my patient asked me this evening, “Well isn’t it good to be casual about sex and relationships in the beginning?, I reminded her that connection and love and even ‘like’ are damn serious; there’s nothing casual about them.  Her point was that it should be better to be casual than to be desperate; but … Continue reading

Therapy Approach

As a cognitive/behavioral psychologist, I work by collaborating with you to identify problem areas and devise manageable strategies in the service of gradual, stepwise change. Our work looks at perceptions, thoughts, feelings and behavior and helps you alter and manage these. The fact that you are indeed able to make change becomes surprisingly clear to … Continue reading