About Dr. Marron


Dr. Glenn Marron is a cognitive/behavioral psychologist with a systems theory focus, and maintains two private practice offices in Manhattan and Rhinebeck, NY. Dr. Marron treats individuals, couples and families in all areas of mental health and human functioning, encompassing anxiety, depression, relapse prevention in substance use, coupling, sexuality, affairs, LGBTQ, leadership training, eating disorders, infertility, trauma, mood disorders, DBT, and the range of adaptive difficulties that most people face throughout life. (for detailed list, see “Foci of Treatment”)

In the last several years, she has written and spoken widely about intimacy and relationships – for which people have sought information in her blogs, seminars, and workshops.

Dr. Marron holds a Ph.D in Psychology from New York University.


  • The American Embassy and Diplomatic Corps in Caracas, Venezuela, during two Coup attempts (1986 through 1993)

  • Several foreign consulates, embassies, and multinational corporations

  • Post Trauma work and Interventional Strategies for Marsh and McLennan after the company suffered severe losses during 9/11

  • Companies in Publishing, Media, Branding, NGOs, Law firms, Financial and Accounting institutions, Entertainment, Television, Medical and health care, Information Technology, etc.

  • Consultant to various international schools and colleges, including Bard College and the New York City Board of Education